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Consulting Services Provided

Historic Tree Dating

Accurate tree-ring dating using dendrochronology methods to prescribe ages to historically significant trees.


Prices scale down with increased number of samples. Project summary & certificate of authenticity included.

Prices vary based on project design:

$250/tree for ring count

$350/tree for crossdating

Land-Use Management

Land-use management covers a very wide range of ideas and practices.

Land management consultation can include various aspects pertaining to soil health, biodiversity, grazing animals, community - utility scale solar farm land stewardship, plant species goals, and much more. Projects can be one-off or long-term.

Historic Building Dating

Historic timbers used in the construction of old barns and homes can be accurately dated using dendroarchaeological methods.

Cost is variable and project dependent. Initial consultation determines if the building or timbers are good candidates for reliable dating. Following consult, project proposal is designed and shared for client assessment and approval, prior to work commencing.

Land Restoration

Restoring degraded, barren, or mismanaged land is one of the most worthy goals imaginable. While restoration can mean a lot of different things to different people, it almost always includes soil improvement, native plants, pollinators, habitat restoration, and natural processes integration.

Forest Assessments

Forest or woodland composition and dating services are provided based on project survey and proposal.

Projects can include: species composition, forest mensuration, fire history reconstruction, land-use management, referral for prescribed fire and other management tools, restoration insights, and many other details pertaining to forest ecology.

Consulting methods applied are tailored to your project needs.

Ecological Consulting

Not all land and land-use is in a bad shape! Sometimes practices need a little tweaking or slight alterations to achieve desired outcomes, and sometimes there is much to be done. Assessing the current state, proposing & implementing recommendations, and monitoring are all part of ecological consulting.


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